About Us

About us1
In October 2019, Christina, a stay-at-home mom, and Lisa, a technical editor, got together one day for coffee. Somewhere in the middle of discussing their kids and being told four times that the store was closing and they had to leave, they began talking about how amazing it would be to take a risk, follow their dreams, and open their own business.

Christina has spent years baking beautiful cakes for friends and family and has always wanted her own bakery. Lisa grew up crafting with her mother, a hobby that she now enjoys with her two kids. She recently reignited her passion for art and started creating gifts for her family and
friends, in addition to selling items through a small online store.

About us 2
That day over coffee, half-joking, Christina and Lisa talked about combining their passions and opening a business together. That joke quickly turned into the question, “can we really do this?” In that moment, with a simple smile and a nod, the idea for The Crafty Cakery was born!
In the following months, Christina and Lisa spent all their free time developing a business plan, searching for the perfect location for their shop, and researching how to make their vision
become a reality.

All their hard work was worth it! The Crafty Cakery will be opening in Spring 2020 at Central Square in Linwood, NJ. The Crafty Cakery provides custom cakes and handcrafted event décor,
hosts fun baking and crafting workshops, and offers in-studio private parties and kids’ camps.

Each day, Christina will be baking up special sweet treats for you to take home or to enjoy while
spending time in the studio making a craft selected from the shop’s monthly selection. There
will also be a DIY cupcake bar for you to get creative and decorate your own treats to share
with family and friends (or to enjoy for yourself!)